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Dental Implants Lehigh Valley

Oral Dynamics is the Lehigh Valley’s #1 Dental Implant Center, with proven results!  All your Dental Implant care in ONE location!  Dental Implants are placed AND artistically restored; start to finish, all under one roof, giving you a beautiful new smile, sometimes in a single visit.  No need to visit multiple offices or see different doctors, saving you time and money!

Dentals Implants Allentown Pa Lehigh valley Pennsylvania Dentist

Dental Implants

Dental Implants can transform your life with a simple comfortable solution to replace missing teeth with stable, natural looking restorations.

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Dentals Implants Allentown Pa Lehigh valley Pennsylvania Dentist

Smile Makeover

Today, a healthy, attractive, smile continues to be an important facet of life, with an impact on health, self-esteem, and relationships – both personal and professional.

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Dentals Implants Allentown Pa Lehigh valley Pennsylvania Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry

We pride ourselves in creating restorations that not only function well, but also look natural.  Each restoration receives the focus of our artistic talents.

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Dentals Implants Allentown Pa Lehigh valley Pennsylvania Dentist

General Dentistry

At Oral Dynamics our defining philosophy is that of “Complete Dentistry”.  This concept places the health of the patient first and foremost.

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Oral Dynamics, Inc. is a state of the art, general dentistry practice with emphasis on oral rehabilitation using Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry.  We offer a full range of dental services for patients of all ages, who seek the finest in oral health care and individual attention.  You can rest assured that we will provide you with treatment that will result in a smile that will not only be beautiful but will also allow you to function comfortably when you chew, eat, talk and sleep.

Welcome to Oral Dynamics Advanced Dental Esthetics

Lehigh Valley’s #1 Dental Implant Center

Dentals Implants Allentown Pa Lehigh valley Pennsylvania Dentist

The key to successful Dental Implant treatment is a complete diagnostic evaluation with a 3D Cone Beam scan and use of 3D case planning software. Our Gendex CB-500© provides the data which allows us to visualize the available bone for adequate volume in the area of the implant placement. This is the standard of care in implant placement today! Our Anatomage© software enables us to virtually visualize the proper size and placement of an implant (or implants) and construct a surgical guide if needed. This pre-planning, with the proper technology and software, eliminates the guesswork and greatly reduces the risk, thus increasing the chances of success.

Testimonials & Affiliations

  • A huge shout out to Esther Rowland and her staff. I had an emergency 2 days ago and not only did they fit me in right away, but everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and I received a follow-up call from the doctor.  Oral Dynamics is my family dentist and if you are shopping for a new dentist, you should seriously consider visiting them! Thank you again, Esther and your staff!

    Terrie M.
  • John W….I hope you are feeling better…You are in the best of hands. Love Oral Dynamics! They take such great care of their patients!

    Terrie M.
  • The talented Dr. Michael Rowland, from Oral Dynamics, will be performing oral surgery on me this morning…thanks for squeezing me in Dr…later …All went fine…Dr. Rowland did a great job! – Special thanks to my friend Esther Rowland for arranging everything!

    John W.
  • “I was very unhappy with the appearance of my teeth for many years and always hid my smile. After hearing about Oral Dynamics offering a free consultation I decided to make an appointment. This was one of the best things I ever decided to do! From the moment I walked into Oral Dynamics’ office I encountered a warm and friendly environment in addition to meeting a very professional staff. I now receive so many compliments on how pretty my teeth are, and you can’t imagine how good that makes me feel. I thank Dr. Rowland and his staff so very much for giving me the confidence to smile again and show off my beautiful teeth.”

    Lori C.
  • This simple thank you does not nearly measure up to the confidence that has been restored to me. I can’t begin to thank each of you enough for restoring my smile. I know there is some work ahead of me, however, until the completion in a year, know that I will be smiling because of your talented work.

    Michael F.
  • My experience at Oral Dynamics gave me the confidence to smile again. The experts at Oral Dynamics not only got me to smile again, they helped me research financing options to make it all possible. Thank you Dr. Rowland and your entire team! No more smiles with reservations; it’s pearly whites for me from now on!

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The Oral Dynamics Culture

Enhancing your life

At oral Dynamics our concern is our patients’ health and well being.  Everyone at Oral Dynamics reflects the vision of Dr. Rowland, to provide the highest possible level of excellence and compassionate care.

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