At Oral Dynamics our defining philosophy is that of “Complete Dentistry”.

We look at the whole oral cavity and how each part interacts with every other part. This view is much different than a “tooth based” view where the focus is on repairing an isolated tooth. We look at WHY did the tooth break in the first place. Was it because of wear, decay, or did the patient develop gum problems. We not only want to fix the tooth, we want to correct the underlying cause as well. Perhaps the tooth is in traumatic occlusion, out of alignment, or has poor gum tissue. Seemingly simple problems can provoke other issues such as muscle pain, and headaches, affecting the overall health of the patient.


The concept of “Complete Dentistry” places the health of the patient first and foremost.

It begins with a complete examination of all the elements of the oral cavity and associated structures. Not only do the teeth and gums require full evaluations, but so do the muscles that move the jaw, the joint that allows the jaw to move, and the position of the teeth as well. Only when we have looked at all these components of the masticatory (chewing) system can a proper diagnosis be done.


Symptoms of Disease

Symptoms of disease are readily apparent, but we also look for subtle signs that a problem might be developing. Most dental disorders are likely progressive and will lead to increased problems if not detected and treated in a timely manner. Patients must first understand and acknowledge that they have a problem, so as to make an informed decision about treatment, or the implications of not treating the problem.


Our ultimate goal is a healthy mouth, free of disease, with comfortable function, optimal esthetics and a long lasting smile!