What is a Dental Crown?

A Dental Crown is a restoration that completely covers the visible portion of a tooth. It restores the tooth to its natural shape, size and function. Its purpose is to strengthen or improve the appearance of the tooth. Think of a Dental Crown as the top of your tooth.


When is a Dental Crown Recommended?

  • To replace a failing large silver or composite restoration (filling)
  • To restore fractured or cracked teeth
  • To protect teeth weakened by extensive restorations (fillings)
  • To fortify teeth treated by Root Canals
  • To improve discolored teeth
  • To cover misshapen teeth
  • To anchor a Dental Bridge
  • To replace a failing Dental Crown
  • To restore a Dental Implant


What is the Process Involved with getting a Dental Crown?

When a Dental Crown is indicated, the tooth is prepared by removing the outer layer of enamel as well as any old filling material or decay that may be present. An impression is made of the prepared tooth and sent to the laboratory for fabrication. A temporary Dental Crown is made and placed to protect the preparation while the laboratory Dental Crown is being fabricated. When the lab returns the Dental Crown, it is fitted and cemented in place.


Why Does Oral Dynamics Use an Outside Laboratory vs. Using a Machine (“Cerec” or other) for Crowns “in-a-day”?

At Oral Dynamics, we believe first and foremost in esthetics. All our Dental Crowns (with few exceptions), are completely fabricated of Ceramics and Porcelain by Laboratories that are well known for their artistic renderings. The ceramists at these laboratories are artists, just as our doctors are, and esthetics and artistry are our main concerns. These ALL ceramic crowns are functional and highly esthetic. They contain NO metal core so they are able to transmit light through them, similar to how natural teeth react to light. They have no ugly dark metal bands at the margins either. The results we get with these ALL Ceramic Porcelain Laboratory Dental Crowns result in a beautiful, natural looking smile and they are virtually indistinguishable from your own natural teeth.


Our offering of Dental Crowns includes:

  • Empress or E-Max for Maximum Esthetics
  • Zirconia and Porcelain for Esthetics and Strength
  • Full Zirconia for Maximum Strength