Who Is A Candidate?

Almost everyone who is missing any or all teeth is a candidate for Dental Implants.  Dental Implants can be placed in younger patients as soon as the jaw is no longer growing, and there is no upper age limit.  The deciding factor is that there is enough good healthy bone in which to place the Dental Implant.  Some clinical conditions or other factors such as smoking, diabetes, alcohol consumption or uncontrolled periodontal disease, may interfere with the integration process and long term success.

What If I Do Not Have Enough Bone?

Often, bone grafting procedures can be performed to restore bone to its previous form, allowing Dental Implant placement.  Our 3D Cone Beam scan allows us to accurately diagnose the amount of bone prior to any Dental Implant placement procedures.

What If I Only Have One (1) Missing Tooth?

A Dental Implant is the ideal replacement for a single missing tooth due to the fact that it is the most minimally invasive procedure available and does not require the grinding down of any good healthy teeth.

What If I Am Currently Wearing Dentures?

You may be an ideal candidate to replace that loose fitting or ill-fitting denture with a secured, long lasting Dental Implant Prosthesis.  No more slippage, speaking or eating embarrassment, only the confidence to smile knowing you never have to put up with a denture ever again!Some patients can even get a fixed prosthesis (denture) the same day as their Dental Implant placements (Check out our “Teeth-In-A-Day”).